Beauty Revealing Ritual for
Dehydrated Skin

60min KSH 8,900

A perfect treatment for a dehydrated skin in search of moisture with the Active Se've Blue Algae from the ocean which boasts the skins natural hydration process, incorporates active cells, refreshes, relieves feeling of hydration and provides the skin with all it needs to be intensely restored maintaining optimum hydration.

Marine Softness Ritual for
Sensitive / Reactive Skin

60min KSH 8,900

Soothes the most fragile skin prone to irritation and high-redness and provides increased comfort for sensitive skin using Hyposensine Algae as an active ingredient. The skin is repaired, uncomfortable sensations disappear and deep serenity prevails.

Express Purity Ritual Facial

30min KSH 3,800

Express facial if you're on the go, for an instant infusion of marine active ingredients, tailored to your skin type to decongest deep cleanse and balance oily to combination skin.

Pure Freshness Ritual for
Combination Skin

60min KSH 8,700

Regulates sebum production, slows down thickening of the skin and reduces irritations which cause redness and unsightly marks. Control Amine Ocean Algae is the active ingredient known for excellent result leaving your skin purified, fresh and bright.

Micronized Marine Algae Facial
for Oily/ Acne Prone Skin

60min KSH 6,600

MMA facial combine's a natural pure brown algae mask rich in minerals and vitamins with high potency marine extracts, Its anti - bacterial effect is ideal for oily and acne prone skin type. These unique treatments stabilize and deep cleanse regulating the skins sebum production and eliminating skin imperfections. The facial promote clearer, healthy skin.

Essential Facial

60min KSH 4,500

Ideal for all skin types needing the benefits of a therapeutic facial. Incorporates powerful pawpaw seed oil and essential oils to effectively calm and balance stressed skin conditions.

Anti-Aging Hyaluronic Filler Treatment

60 mins KSH 13,500

Renowned for their incredible results which specifically address anti-aging concerns. This specialized facial features Marine Hydluronic Acid molecule for optimal absorption of active ingredients for immediate results, suitable for women aged 35+ years and above who need to fill the deep set wrinkles and stimulate their skin leaving it looking youthful.